Kildorrery Club Shines in Lidl Jigsaw One Good Club Initiative

Kildorrery GAA, LGFA & Camogie Club has proudly joined the Lidl Jigsaw One Good Club Initiative, a program designed to support the mental health and well-being of young people across Ireland. This initiative, supported by Lidl and Jigsaw, emphasises the importance of community, learning, giving, and living well. As part of this initiative, Kildorrery has implemented several impactful activities that highlight their commitment to fostering a supportive and inclusive environment for all members.

Stage 1 (Be Active): Couch to 5K and Strength & Flexibility Workshops To promote physical health and activity, Kildorrery launched a Couch to 5K program, encouraging members of all ages to get active and work towards a common fitness goal. Additionally, in January, Sally McCarthy led workshops on strength and flexibility in the clubhouse. These sessions provided participants with valuable knowledge and exercises to improve their overall physical fitness and well-being.

Stage 2 (Connect): Club Bonding Session Understanding the importance of connection, Kildorrery organised a bonding session run by Caroline Coughlan. This event was designed to integrate all players into the club's family ethos, fostering strong relationships and a sense of belonging among members. The session was a fantastic opportunity for players to connect on a deeper level and build lasting friendships.

Stage 3 (Take Notice): Reflection Workshops Kildorrery also focused on mindfulness and self-awareness through Reflection Workshops run by the coaches. These sessions provided players with a space to reflect on their experiences, set personal goals, and develop a greater awareness of their mental and emotional well-being. By taking notice of their thoughts and feelings, players could better manage stress and enhance their overall mental health.

Stage 4 (Give): Mentorship and Equipment Donations One of the standout efforts in the initiative has been the mentorship program, where older players are invited to attend training sessions for younger players. These older athletes generously give their time and share their skills, providing invaluable guidance and support to the next generation of players. In addition, the club has encouraged members to donate their gently used football boots, hurleys, and helmets. These donations are collected and made available to other players in need through a swap shop, promoting a circular economy vibe within the community. This effort not only ensures that all players have access to necessary equipment but also fosters a spirit of generosity and sustainability. Heart Screening Initiative Another significant aspect of Kildorrery's participation in the One Good Club Initiative is the organisation of a heart screening event, funded by the Dillon Quirke Foundation. Scheduled for June 24th, this free heart screening is open to club members aged 12-18, with a small donation encouraged. Already, many young people have signed up, highlighting the community's commitment to health and well-being.

Stage 5 (Keep Learning): Information Talks and Health Screenings To promote continuous learning, Kildorrery hosted informative talks by ISPCC and Jigsaw, offering young people valuable insights and guidance on mental health and well-being. These sessions provided a platform for open discussions and learning, equipping attendees with knowledge and resources to support their mental health. Promoting Mental Health and Well-Being In line with the One Good Club's goals, Kildorrery has also hosted educational sessions with guest speakers Alexandra O Keeffe from Jigsaw and Kidorrery’s own Aoife Griffin ISPCC. These sessions provided valuable insights and guidance on mental health, creating a relaxed and engaging environment for young people. With pizza and treats funded by the club and local sponsors Supermacs, the events attracted 42 enthusiastic attendees, reinforcing the club's dedication to creating a supportive and enjoyable atmosphere.

Community Involvement and Future Plans Kildorrery's involvement in the Lidl Jigsaw One Good Club Initiative has had a profound impact on the community. By promoting mentorship, facilitating equipment donations, and organising health screenings and educational sessions, the club has made significant strides in supporting the mental and physical well-being of its members. As the initiative continues, Kildorrery GAA Club remains committed to fostering a positive, inclusive, and supportive environment for all.

The club's efforts demonstrate the power of community and the importance of looking out for one another, setting a shining example for other clubs across Ireland. A special thank you goes out to our dedicated committee members whose tireless efforts have been instrumental in the success of these initiatives. Your commitment and hard work have made a significant difference in the lives of our young people and the broader community.

For more information on upcoming events and how to get involved, follow Kildorrery GAA, LGFA & Camogie Club on social media or visit their website. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of our young people and build a stronger, healthier community.


Quarterly Coaching Meeting

As outlined earlier this year the Coaching Committee will run quarterly meetings with representatives from each team. The next meeting will take place *Monday 10th June 8:15pm in GAA hall*.

This meeting will allow for open discussion around how the year is going, successes/challenges and what each team may require from the club in terms of resources, equipment etc.

We would strongly request that each team male and female is represented at the meeting and look forward to seeing you there.

Also Following on from our first athletic development session with John O’Gorman, we intend to run a follow up session Tuesday 18th June 6:30pm. This is open to all from age 13-18 including those who took part in the first session recently. This should allow the opportunity for each person to obtain their own profile on fitness, injury prevention etc. so again would ask that each coach positively encourages participation. Can each coach compile a list from their relevant group by Monday 10th also. Cost €10 per person for anyone who did not do the first session. Otherwise this session is covered for those who took part in the first one. Thanks all.


Lotto Results

The Lotto takes place this Monday night coming. You can also play on line if you wish.



  • Wednesday 5th - U14 North Cork LGFA League Rd 4: Kildorrery V Castlemagner @ 7.15pm in Castlemagner
  • Friday 7th - U14 football championship quarter final V Killavullen in Killavullen at 7:00 Followed by U14 Camogie Co League C2: Kildorrery V Millstreet @ 7.30pm in Millstreet
  • Sunday 9th - U8 North Cork LGFA Co Games Blitz in Killavullen at 10:30 Followed by: Intermediate football league V Mayfield in Mayfield at 11:30 Followed by: U13 LGFA Championship B1 County Quarter Final: Kildorrery V St. Finbarrs @ 2pm in St. Finbarrs GAA Grounds
  • Monday 10th – U12 Camogie Co League Phase 3 Grp 9 Rd 2: Kildorrery V Carrigtwohill @ 7.30pm, in Kildorrery


Club Meeting

Our next club meeting will take place on Monday June 24th at 8.30pm. Everybody welcome.